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We Narmada Polyfab are a well-established manufacturer and supplier of huge range of HDPE Tarpaulin.

Virgin Tarpaulin

Virgin Tarpaulin Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Virgin Tarpaulin which are just the right protecting gear for your products. These manufactured virgin tarpaulins are made from HDPE fabric cross weaving, plus the fabric that is laminated on both sides with LLDPE Plastics. The manufactured Virgin Tarpaulins are made 3 layers and 5 layers of coating. In 3 layers of Virgin Tarpaulins one layer of fabric and two layers of coating and in 5 layers of Virgin Tarpaulins two layers of fabric and three layers of coating.

We are engaged in manufacturing the virgin tarpaulin by the state of the art machinery combined years of experience of know-how of making best quality tarpaulin appropriate for all-purpose. These offered Tarpaulins are a perfect option for temporary use as they are comparatively low in cost and they even fulfil the requirement of a tarpaulin. These tarpaulins are widely used in agriculture industry as a protection, covering of crops. Its water proof, crumble proof and also weather proof that means No leakages, No humidity and No attacks from Microbes or Fungus. Works as the best temporary tents and coverings. Also compared to cotton Tarpaulins, Virgin Tarpaulin is far more economical and it is also available in an attractive range colors and quality.

Features of Virgin Tarpaulin

  • 100% Water-Proof
  • 100% UV Virgin Quality
  • Rust-Proof, Roof-Proof, Shrink-Proof
  • Aluminium Eyelet
  • Super Quality Tarpaulin, Full Shining Product

Application of Virgin Tarpaulin

  • Ground work sheet, transportation
  • Water proof liner for trucks, tempos, warehouses, sheds, etc.
  • Storage Tarpaulin, fumigation covers, poultry shading
  • Construction sites - covering for cement bags, equipment, metal rods
  • Curtains for unfinished buildings

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