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We Narmada Polyfab are a well-established manufacturer and supplier of huge range of HDPE Tarpaulin.

Quality Assurance of Tarpaulin

Quality Oversight

At Narmada Polyfab, Quality means the world to us. We arrange prominence on Quality at all levels of our worth chain – the raw material, processes, products and last, but by no means the least, our team of professionals. Our team continuously works towards getting better the processes so that every sole product that goes out meets the maximum quality standards.

Incoming Quality

We source all the raw material including plastic, fabric, nylon ropes, packing material, etc. from presumed manufacturers, thereby ensuring quality of the source raw material. Every inward consignment is accompanied by the essential Quality Certificates and Inspection Reports, as appropriate. Our team of Inward Quality Assurance examine the material received from the vendor.

Quality Assurance of HDPE Tarpaulin Sheet Manufacturer

In-Process Quality

All the machinery at the plant is frequently serviced and calibrated to guarantee most advantageous performance. Quality checks are performed at different stages of the manufacturing process and corrective actions are taken as found essential to make sure that the ending product conforms to the specifications.

Quality Certified Wax Coated Waterproof Tarpaulin

End Product Quality

The manufactured end product is also put through precise quality checks before it is packed and stored in an area which is acknowledged for storage. This is done on a sampling basis to make certain the end product quality.

ISO Certified Tarpaulin Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Packing and Storage

The end product is packed in polythene bags and stored in diverse racks based on their size, thickness and color. Each product is labelled for effortlessness of identification and quick recovery.

arpaulin Manufacturers & Suppliers in India